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AV VR LABS Course and Metaverse in Education
Welcome to our course on using AR and VR headsets in education. This course is designed to provide educators and instructional designers with the k...
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Rocket science Course- Falcon Heavy Flight liftoff
Welcome to the 🚀HPR Rocketry Club 👷‍♀️STEM 🎓Masterclass Course. If you’re a student who loves rocketry and looking for an aerospace univer...
165 Lectures
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💣 Epic Games promo KSP for Free Jan 05 – Jan 12 👉 Course 1 of 2, click on the tab curriculum to see the course outline and lesson details, ...
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Minecraft is the best-selling video game ever and has been adopted in the best and most advanced schools. In our series of courses, we will use it ...
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Welcome to the course “Empowering Women in STEM Education and Workplace.” In this course, we will be exploring the challenges and barri...
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