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🦾 STEM Lab Robotics Coding and Educational Robotics with πŸ€– NAO Robot Simulator and others

STEM Lab Robotics NAO robot connected to the computer with a cable near a group of students

STEM Lab Robotics – Coding and Educational Robotics with NAO Robot Simulator and others

Welcome to the STEM Lab Robotics course for school students designed to immerse them in the dynamic realms of coding and educational robotics. This course isn’t just about glimpsing the future; it’s about actively engaging with the present landscape of technology. Robotics is integral to our daily lives, and understanding its nuances is key to thriving in tech-driven careers.

This course offers a multi-faceted educational experience, blending technical, and humanistic perspectives. Focusing primarily on the NAO Robot, a humanoid robot perfect for student interaction, and covering a wide range of devices from LEGO to Micro:Bit, students will learn through engaging activities.

This course is set to revolutionize the way we think about robotics in society. Students will quickly master the basics of Python and other languages through a user-friendly block coding system, ideal for beginners and young learners. This course promises to transform programming into a fun and intuitive experience.

STEM Lab Robotics classroom where students in groups are assembling and programming LEGO robot

Advantages for Educators and Parents

“STEM Lab Robotics” is an invaluable resource for educators and parents. It provides a versatile platform for students to excel in coding and robotics, irrespective of the availability of physical robots. With a focus on multidisciplinary activities, educators can use this course to integrate robotics into various subjects, from using NAO to aid English language learning to applying robotics principles in physical education classes to teach movement and balance. The Robot Coding Simulator enables the programming of various robotic systems, ensuring inclusive and comprehensive education even in resource-limited settings. This approach is instrumental in fostering a holistic and diverse learning environment.

Robots You Can Program, Simulate, and Use

The simulator features a diverse range of robots, each offering unique learning experiences. From the BOB3, perfect for hands-on tinkering and programming enthusiasts, to the versatile micro:bit V2, ideal for environmental studies with its sensor capabilities. Students can explore mobile industrial robotics with Robotino, delve into AI with Roberta xNN, or bring their creative ideas to life with LEGO EV3 and SPIKE Prime. These varied platforms, including Thymio, Arduino, and Edison, provide practical insights into the world of robotics, catering to different educational needs and interests.

STEM Lab Robotics NAO in classroom filled with students. The students are engaged in programming and using various robots

Course Module

Introduction to Educational Robotics and the Robot Coding Simulator

Gain a foundational understanding of educational robotics and master the Robot Coding Simulator. This module is crucial for grasping the significance of robotics in education and becoming adept with the simulator.

Basics of Programming

Delve into fundamental programming concepts like loops, variables, and conditions. This module offers hands-on coding exercises to solidify foundational programming knowledge.

Understanding Robotics Hardware

Learn about the components that power robots, focusing on sensors, motors, and controllers. This module provides valuable practical knowledge about the hardware aspects of robotics.

Programming the Robot

Apply coding skills to program virtual robots. This module teaches basic movements and sensor interactions, effectively combining theory with practical application.

Advanced Programming Concepts

Explore complex programming structures like loops and conditional statements. This module enhances problem-solving abilities and prepares students for advanced robotics challenges.

Robotics in Real Life

Discover how robotics revolutionizes various industries and delve into ethical and safety aspects. This module offers real-world perspectives on robotics applications.

Robot Coding Simulator in deep

Become proficient with the Robot Coding Simulator, exploring its features thoroughly. This module ensures students can fully utilize the simulator for enhanced learning.

NAO Robot Programming and Intro to Python

Experience the world of humanoid robotics with an introduction to programming the NAO robot. This module combines Python and NEPO programming for a real-world application.

Spike Prime / Robot Inventor Programming and Intro to MicroPython

Engage with MicroPython programming for Spike Prime / Robot Inventor robots. This comprehensive module enhances students’ programming skills on versatile robotics platforms.

STEM Lab Robotics NAO in classroom with circle of students

Join now!

Join “STEM Lab Robotics” and embark on an unparalleled educational journey. This course is perfect for students, educators, and parents eager to explore the captivating world of robotics programming. Enroll now and be part of a transformative experience, paving the way for a future rich in technological innovation and diverse educational opportunities.

Introduction to Educational Robotics and the Robot Coding Simulator LAB

Basics of Programming

Programming the Robot

Advanced Programming Concepts

Robotics in Real Life

Robot Coding Simulator Use in Deep

NAO Robot Programming and Intro to Python

Spike Prime / Robot Inventor Programming and Intro to MicroPython

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