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SmartKids.School STEM Education Online Learning, is one of the best online learning platforms that offer fun and engaging courses for students, teachers, parents, and lifelong learners. We believe that learning should be inspiring and stimulating and that it is essential to equip learners with the necessary tools to face the challenges of the Digital Age.

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Language Learning Course in the Digital AgeOur courses are designed to be playful and innovative, based on STEAM STEM Education and online language learning for Multilingualism/English CLIL, using methods such as IBL Inquiry-Based Learning, Storytelling, Problem-Solving, Role-Play exercises, Tinkering, and  Prototyping to help learners develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We also use Gamification and simulations of work-related contexts to create a fun and engaging learning environment. We are committed to providing learners with the support and resources they need to succeed in their academic and personal lives and develop their creative potential and help children develop the confidence and skills they need to succeed in their future careers. At SKS, we are committed to Multilingualism & inclusion and supporting foreign students in their language-learning journey. Our courses are designed for Multilingualism/English CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), which combines language learning with subject-specific content. This approach is beneficial for students of all levels and can be used in a variety of educational settings, including primary, secondary, and higher education. To make our courses accessible to all learners, we offer the option to switch languages at any time using the language flags bar with most of the languages spoken by foregain students. Additionally, our videos are in English and have subtitles available in multiple languages to support learners who may not be fluent in English. We believe that by providing language support and resources, we can help all students succeed in their studies and feel included in the learning community

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STEM Lab Robotics – Coding and Educational Robotics with NAO Robot Simulator and others Welcome to the STEM Lab Robotics course for school st...
12 Lectures
members only
Members only
Windows STEM LAB Setup and Troubleshooting, Online Safety, Digital Boards, 3D Printing and AV VR
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This course is designed to help educators and Computer lab assistant teachers develop digital competence and use digital technologies effectively i...
115 Lectures
€200 €19.99
Roblox Course and Virtual Worlds for Parents and Educators
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Welcome to the 🔲 Roblox Course Virtual Worlds for 👩‍🔬 Education Tips and 💼Careers advice. This course is designed to help students, parents, an...
123 Lectures
€200 €19.99
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The Green Economy Course for Secondary School Students is a comprehensive and engaging course designed to educate students on the importance of the...
52 Lectures
€100 €9.99
Course Learn how to Learn Study smart not hard
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In this comprehensive study skills course, you’ll learn how to learn everything you need to know and how to study effectively and efficiently...
43 Lectures
€100 €19.99
AV VR Course and Metaverse in Education
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Welcome to our AV VR Course on using AR and VR headsets in education. This course is designed to provide educators and instructional designers with...
65 Lectures
€200 €19.99
Rocket science Course- Falcon Heavy Flight liftoff
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Welcome to the 🚀HPR Rocketry Club 👷‍♀️STEM 🎓Masterclass Course. If you’re a student who loves rocketry and looking for an aerospace univer...
165 Lectures
€200 €19.99
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Limitless online learning, more possibilities

Online courses offer almost anyone the opportunity to learn, regardless of their scheduling commitments or other constraints. Adopting a playful mode – engaging in active processes and applying a playful, open mindset – can foster creativity and innovation. This approach emphasizes possibilities, inquiry-based learning, freedom, and a process-oriented approach rather than a focus on outcomes or results. The journey is just as important as the destination, and it encourages self-consciousness, responsibility, and autonomy. Our primary focus is on education, where we use gamification and serious play methods to boost engagement, problem-solving, effective communication, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and general management practices. These methods have proven benefits in numerous scientific fields and can help teachers, parents, and kids alike to learn and grow in meaningful ways.

Why Choose our online learning courses

Why question markTraditionally, being intelligent has been viewed as having all the answers. When it comes to being innovative and forward-thinking, it turns out that being able to ask the right questions is a highly valuable skill. We have to solve problems. We have to deal with change, uncertainty and questioning is the tool or one of the primary means that let you do that.

Furthermore, research indicates that adapting to change by being versatile, gritty, and resilient is a prime skill for successful people. Our breakthrough in online social education methods, supported by the e-learning platform will provide a unique learning experience for our kids. Such an approach enables hybrid learning, through structured and instructional-driven e-learning courses, accompanied by social learning among peers, and learner-focused materials researched and developed by the learners themselves.

Courses attachmentThe courseware is reinforced with group social activities to promote collaboration, clarity, and agility while leveraging the latest collaborative technology on the web. Relying on technology and agile teaching and facilitation methods we aim to break language barriers, empower the kids to innovate, and inspire them to wander outside the rigid walls of conventional schooling. Their network of people will expand globally, through the internet, streaming lessons, and live video conferencing. Our social network provides vetting criteria for the people interacting with your kids, most teachers have their kids on the same platform. Furthermore, our partners are trustworthy and focused on advancing learning opportunities online. 

Ease and convenience: Learning materials directly in the course or lesson, with a friendly and handy interface

Connect and learn together: Student area and community where share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, get help with the studies, have a good chat, or get advice

Inquire, wonder and solve problems: Quizzes and Lesson Test

Gamification of learning: Collect points, earn badges, and have feedback on your performance through the leader’s board. Check your status and results after finishing the course on the Course Summary Page.

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