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SKS About Us

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Who we are

We are an online STEM education platform that aims to provide high-quality educational resources to students all around the world. Our platform is a partnership between Informaweb IT03699670877 and STR8 IT04975640873, two leading companies in the field of online education and technology.


Our courses, programs, and projects

Our courses are based on the NextGenerationEU program and the Italian PNRR School 4.0 and Dropout prevention projects, which are focused on modernizing and improving education in Europe. We believe that access to a quality education should not be limited by geography, and we are committed to bringing the best educational resources to students everywhere. We want to offer fun and engaging courses for students, teachers, parents, and lifelong learners.

We believe that learning should be inspiring and that it is essential to equip learners with the necessary tools to face the challenges of the Digital Age. Our courses are designed to be playful and innovative, based on STEAM STEM Education and English CLIL, using methods such as inquiry-based learning, problem-solving, role-play exercises, and prototyping to help learners develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

We are committed to providing learners with the support and resources they need to succeed in their educational and personal lives and develop their creative potential and help children develop the confidence and skills they need to succeed in their future careers.


Inclusion and supporting foreign students

At SKS, we are committed to inclusion and supporting foreign students in their language-learning journey. Our courses are designed for English CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), which combines language learning with subject-specific content. This approach is beneficial for students of all levels and can be used in a variety of educational settings, including primary, secondary, and higher education.

To make our courses accessible to all learners, we offer the option to switch languages at any time using the language flags bar with most of the languages spoken by foregain students. Additionally, our videos are in English and have subtitles available in multiple languages to support learners who may not be fluent in English. We believe that by providing language support and resources, we can help all students succeed in their studies and feel included in the learning community

We are dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential and to fostering a love of learning. We believe that everyone has the potential to excel in STEM subjects, and we are committed to providing the tools and resources to help students achieve their goals. Thank you for choosing SmartKids.School for your online education needs.

We look forward to helping you succeed!